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CBSE Physics

Full Course        Class XI
Mod 1 Mechanics- I
Mod 2 Mechanics- II
Mod 3 Heat
Mod 4 Waves
Full Course        Class XII
Mod 5 Electrostatics
Mod 6 Electrodynamics
Mod 7 Optics
Mod 8 Modern Physics
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CBSE Chemistry

Full Course        Class XI
Mod 1 General Chemistry
Mod 2 Physical Chemistry I
Mod 3 Inorganic Chemistry I
Mod 4 Organic Chemistry I
Full Course        Class XII
Mod 5 Physical Chemistry II
Mod 6 Inorganic Chemistry II
Mod 7 Organic Chemistry II
Mod 8 Applied Chemistry
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CBSE Mathematics

Full Course        Class XI
Mod 1 Sets & Functions
Mod 2 Algebra
Mod 3 Coordinate Geometry
Mod 4 Miscellaneous
Full Course        Class XII
Mod 5 Calculus I
Mod 6 Calculus II
Mod 7 Analytical geometry,Vectors and ITF
Mod 8 Miscellaneous
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CBSE Biology

Full Course        Class XI
Mod 1 Diversity in living World
Mod 2 Structural Organisation
Mod 3 Plant Physiology
Mod 4 Human Physiology
Full Course        Class XII
Mod 5 Reproduction
Mod 6 Genetics and Evolution
Mod 7 Biotechnology
Mod 8 Ecology
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CBSE English Core

Full Course        Class XI
Mod 1 Hornbill
Mod 2 Snapshots
Mod 3 Reading comprehension+Writing skills+Grammar
Mod 4 Novel
Full Course        Class XII
Mod 5 Flamingo
Mod 6 Vistas
Mod 7 Reading comprehension + Writing Skills
Mod 8 Novel
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Online Coaching Student
I am very thankful to LiveCBSE for helping me score 96% in PCM. Teachers of Physics and Maths were very cordial and cleared each concept well. All my doubts were also clarified on time. So I suggest everyone to go for online coaching with LiveCBSE.

- Vinita Pahel, Delhi

Even though the class was live and interactive but it was online so there was some my surprise it was as effective as physical classroom. The Physics Teaching was quite good I was able to understand NCERT completely

- Lakshmi Chandna, UAE

I had a very positive experience in taking Online classes, I recently completed. It has been very simple to start the class using just one button.

- Mridula Prakash, Chennai
Online Test Series Student
Test taking and checking was impeccable...there was no confusion wrt technology.

- Jigyasa Mahur

Checking of answersheet by proficient teacher's made me score good marks in my board exams. All my mistakes got corrected as per the CBSE guidelines.

- Ravindra Yadav

The study material provided by LiveCBSE is much easier to understand. It's all based on concepts and understanding which makes it easier to have a complete hold on the subject.

- Soumye Agarwal
As a teacher, I was used to taking batches in a physical classroom. Initially I felt, that since eye contact was missing I would not be able to give the same output as a teacher, but almost all the students were able to grasp... Maybe this new breed was born and brought up with such technologies and they are able to grasp as we did in a physical classroom.

- Kshipra Saxena, Kota

Being a Physics teacher it gave me an edge to be able to show videos of 3-d models very easily...only 1 hitch we had was when it came complications arising due to mirroring of images.

- Rishabh Jain, Kota

I had full control when it comes to maintaining discipline in the class

- Garima Rathore, Kota

Exclusive Online Coaching


Vinita Pahel

Physical Center Kota

Sanchit Srivastava

Lajja Patel

Satyam Sa

Are the classes Live or Recorded?

The Lectures and Doubt Removal Sessions provided under this system will be LIVE and not recorded. The Recorded Lectures, we feel, miss the element of mentoring, discipline and handholding which is the essence of teaching. We have been successful in incorporating all the elements of classroom teaching in our system. This makes the learning experience not only equivalent but we dare say; better; as it makes our competent teachers omnipresent.

What is the focus of Live CBSE?

Live CBSE is about helping the student master NCERT Textbooks for their respective subjects. We would be taking classes, tests and helping the student clear their doubts so that they are able to feel confident in the subject. Live CBSE is the platform which is focused to ensure your success by bringing best tutors and most authentic study material to your home.

Who are the Teachers?

The Teachers are Experienced and are of the same team that teaches in our physical centre.

What is the batch size?

The maximum teacher to student ratio would be 1:20, i.e. a teacher and a maximum 20 students, to focus on the preparation of each student.

What are the PC requirements to attend live online classes?

Usually any PC/Laptop purchased in last 7 years would be good enough for attending the classes. Technically speaking the hardware requirements are equivalent of Pentium IV and RAM of 1 GB or above. The Operating system should be equivalent of Windows XP/ and above.

What is the minimum internet speed required for Live CBSE?

The minimum internet speed required for the classes is 512kbps. This is the speed which is provided by most of the Internet Service Providers (ISP) at a nominal cost.